Here I am sitting here with no motivation to create anything lately. With everything that has happened between my health and my car, I would be a mad woman cause nothing is going right and I don’t deserve it, Well with a strong faith and caring friends I am a very strong person because of it. I have some small projects that I need to get done but I have place my priority with working on this charity that I have been working with for Four Years! And I won’t stop working to find a cure for these kids. At least at this time we have helped 5 families alone in Jacksonville, Fl. So would you want to give up on these kids? I don’t think so, So I keep pushing to get people to make any donations as possible or to even come and ride in the motorcycle ride, When you do decide to ride, maybe you might just have one of those kids riding on the back of your motorcycle one day.

My reason for starting Angels Handmade Treasures is to hand crochet or knit beautiful items that everyone will use and enjoy later. I am started after my first Ride For Kids keeping in mind that some of the profits will help these kids to achieve their dreams as well. So I keep dreaming to make this store the best I can and eventually I will some day have a store to have other creative people join me in selling their stuff in and share their talents to teach others some old traditions.

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Welcome 2012

Hello my fellow Fans,

I just wanted to give you an update of some things that have happened during my absence. My daughter just turned 16 in Nov. Then in Dec. the gentleman that I have been with for 8 yrs was in the hospital for pneumonia and during that time he also had a bout with his heart to where it stopped for a brief moment. Thank God it happened in the hospital. During all this I was still crocheting and knitting my afghan for the 3 yr old and also making christmas presents for my cousin’s family. I did two pairs of comfy socks within a weeks time. I will post some pics of those soon. I also had to see if the man that became my finance is really jealous. So I went out for a while with someone much younger then I and him and found out how jealous he really was. But I am still friends with my male counterparts no matter what.

As of Jan 1, 2012 at the stroke of midnight, I am officially engaged to Robert Lee Harmon, Jr. We are planning a wedding for July. I like to have it on his 60th birthday which is this July. That way with his memory being as poor as a sour cow, he will remember it. I am good at remembering most things and I think that is what really helps both of us out. I have waited 8 yrs to hear him ask me the question and he was so kind to even have a ring for me. In the last two that I was married to, they never offer an engagement ring at all. That right there shows how original a man like him is. I could not ask for a better person in my life. And the fact that one of my ex boyfriends introduced me to him. That means a lot to me. So you will hear a lot from week to week about what is going on in my life along with the business part of it.

Now for the business part of Angels Handmade Treasures. I have been teaching a lady how to crochet and I just acquired two more students on top of that. I am looking forward to getting a group of us together crocheting and knitting together to make this world a better place. I have so many coworkers that are pregnant that they are asking for afghans. The only problem is that I don’t have enough yarn to make all those afghans though. So now I am going to have to go to a few thrift stores to look for some yarn. I am also promoting the charity that I have been working with for 4 yrs also. Ride for Kids is a charity for Pediatric Brain Tumor survivors and they help these kids earn scholarship for college. I have met some wonderful kids and now adults that have achieve a scholarship due to the efforts of our support and the money that we raise to find a cure. I have been to some of the hospitals that help these kids out. It is interesting that most of them are ok with what they are going through. They are living life as if it were their last day on earth. They are an inspiration to me. So if you like to donate to the cause and help find a cure please contact me and I will give you the site to make a donation to the cause.

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Hello my Fans,
I am sorry I have not posted anything lately. I have my daughter here until the 24th of Aug and I am trying to spend as much time with her as possible. I surely do miss her when she is not here. I try to spend time with her and she gets upset when I am not paying attention to her while she is here. So now I try to spend time with her and do things with her while she is here. I hope that I can get back to advertising on here what my products are looking like and also the page for Ride for kids. I have also been on Listia and have given away some items that I have crochet or knitted. Both of the customers loved the items. So please help me promote this blog.

Nicole Goard
Angels Handmade Treasures

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etsy vs blogging

Hello my friendly Bloggers,

I just wanted to let you all know that some of the people that do read my blog are also members of etsy which is a place to promote and sell your products if you are looking to start your own business. It gives you an up take of what you can sell there and get expose to being able to sell your items. There are great tutorials on how to use etsy and also great people to learn from. I also blog on here and I am also a member of Linkin and there are different groups that I am involved with. I get a lot from the crochet and knitting community. We are able to share what we are doing to promote our business and promote our facebook pages as well. I believe there are no versing between etsy and blogging in these two areas. They are great places to meet new friends and learn how to be your own boss when you really don’t know how to do much of your own business. I know I am still learning a lot of what I have to do to be my own boss and also be able to promote my business. I am also learning that the more you blog the more people get into reading what you want to share with them. I hope that you will take the time to read from the many people that are in the Crochet and knitting community. We are a group that wants to share many things with each other and help each other promote each others business. We are all located somewhere in the United States and we will send our gifts to you within the United States. So help us starving artist get ahead and learn from each other.

These are some of the people you would like to check out.  There are so many things going on right now in the Blog World that some of us that do work a full time job; and also run a small business on the side can really find time to read all the info on the super highway of information.  I am asking that others just check out these small businesses as well and help get them recognized out there.  Thank you and God bless you all.  Until next week, I will give you a quote of learning.  When we succeed for the best, we are one step ahead of the day before we knew we were successful.  So keep your heads high and know that success is ahead of us for the year 2012.

Nicole Goard

Angels Handmade Treasures

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crocheting vs religion

Hello to all my bloggers,

I wanted to share with you all that I have been thinking lately of why I crochet and listen to religious songs.  I have been passionate of my crochet and knitting for a long time.  I was raised in a catholic household with my grandmother.  She was the crocheter and knitter but she was also very religious also.  She had devotions on Wednesdays while I was at school and she ministered to those that were not able to attend church.  She was strong in her faith and she crochet from the time I was young.  She made many things that were and still in the family.  But she never did give up her religion either.  I guess what I am saying is that I have always wanted the joy and happiness that my grandmother grew to love and appreciate in her life.  I hope that I can develop that over time and I like to find out how many other people do the same thing.  How many of you attend some type of religious practice and crochet or knit?  If you could just share with me and those that read my blog, I would appreciate it.

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July 4th

Hello My Daily Bloggers,
I am so happy to see that everyone enjoyed their national freedom day. July 4th means a lot to me and my family. My family has been around the military all my life. We started out from being an army brat due to grandfather being in the army. My adopted father was in the Marines and then went to National Guards after getting out of the Marines. Then he retired from there. But never really got to know to much of my real father at all. My mother and father did their best to raise us up in a good home but then again what was really normal.

I grew up in a military town called Jacksonville, Fla. It was a wonderful city where we could just enjoy our freedom on school and on the beach. As soon as some of the ships were being repaired and deploy and the first attack on the American ship USS Cole, we started to realize what does freedom really mean. War started with Iran, then Iraq, and then it spread for our troops to help control and show their troops how to defend themselves. We all support our troops, but what really happen in Vietnam? Did they get the support that our troops get now? No, from some of the veterans that I have had the pleasure to met at the VA hospital. Some of them got spit on, tomatoes, and eggs thrown at them. They did not get the respectful medical that they deserved and a lot of them suffer from mental illness today.

What I like to see from all my bloggers out there is mention something special that your troops mean a lot to you. Give a veteran a hand for the things they do and did for us. We need to support even the men and women that fault for our freedom in the past. Give them the respect that our men and women get today. For we are One Nation Under God, and I will say God on here. Freedom of speech and don’t take that away from me. Become united and allow ourselves have the understanding of humanity.

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Infant hats

Infant hats

These were made on a circle knitting loom. They are in FSU colors. I also make college color hats and afghans to go with it.

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